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A Little Late

Lake Ontario Port Dalhousie

Showed up at Port ready to go....fin already in my 77L board.

My boom was setup for my 3.3 sail and all else I would need was on top of the pile of gear in my van. Didn't get there until 1:00 to meet my friend Sharryn.....Regina showed up as well.

Ke was on a 4.0 and 80 (?) L board and had been sailing for awhile.

It looked wild! Shore break, chop and big waves.

Ke said he was over powdered so I was expecting a big day but the second I hit the water it was dying......

Took LOTS of swimming over the break to get to the windline to water start....the first two runs were absolutely insane riding over the waves straight on and ugly flat landings on the backside and right back over the next wave. Jolted the hell out of my poor little Starboard Acid.....the girl had already had some major repair before I bought her. The fun was the ride back with the waves :-)

I got 4 huge runs trying to get out to better waves and the wind was getting fluky so sometimes it was all you could do to hold on and the next you were just standing there in the midst of huge chop and waves praying you didn't fall in.

Went to do one more run with Sharryn....Regina opted to join us and was the only one to get off the beach......well done you!

Thank goodness Sharryn and I couldn't get going because we watched Regina bobbing around on the last puffs of good wind.....she said it was tough to get back.

The wind just pretty much pooched and we called it a day.

It seemed like an all or nothing day......

I've sailed Lake O 8 times now and can say 2 1/2 of them have been any good.

So amazed at the ability of the 2 others ladies I sailed with....brave and freakin insane :-)

Toasty warm in wetsuit and fluffy rash shirt :-)

Pictures of Sharryn inside and outside....everything in flux!

Weather Conditions

Shore break, ugly chop and some waves to ride back in to shore

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NE 15-30 15






  1 hrs.

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