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Late day Surpise

Lake Simcoe Heritage Farms

Nice to get out and rip around for a bit with Jetmech and Fathom. Nothing spectacular but some fun bump and jump sailing all the same. It's interesting to fool around with rigging on the Ezzy sails to see just how much range I can get from them. I've come to realize I have been sailing them too flat (too much outhaul). Today I tried to rig the sail to it's minimum settings but their recommended light wind settings are a little unrealistic in that the sail would be a wrinkled up mess draping over the boom and feeling like I'm sailing a tarp. I found even with the bare minimum downhaul the sail make way more power but with the minimum outhaul it sails like a sack of poo. I had to pull the outhaul a minimum of 2.5 cm more than the recommended minimum to have the sail not feel like it is trying to pull me over the nose.

Some nice ramps at first on the way out and some nice rolling swell on the outside to jibe on.

Weather Conditions

bump and jump

The Day at a Glance


  N 15-20 12




  105L Exocet with 34 cm fin/6.3M Ezzy Tiger


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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