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Right under our noses!

Lake Ontario Paradise Park (Shoal Point)

Met up with Fathom and Will at Paradise and it wasn't looking so hot with little wind and small waves and buoy showing the wind just dropped. I decided just to rig soft sail and big fin and try anyway. Well, it worked! The wind slowly ramped up to where I had to flatten out the sail some more. Kind of neat how things worked out today. With the sail so full I was having a heck of a time keeping up wind to the point that I was sailing just outside of the windward part of the shoal. Once down there I could see there was some absolutely sweet looking rides on the shoal. I decided to drop in a bit lower and HOLY SMOKES! It was head high super clean lines of waves to rip around on. UNTIL I sheered the stupid roller ball bolt off of my spreader bar again. DAMN!!!! I had to strong arm it back up wind to as close as I could get to launch, then run up the water front trail to get the hooked spreader and drive down to where I came in. Kind of worked out for the good though, as I tweaked my sail here and there and it made it better for the waves and staying up wind.

Days highlights:

finding out how sweet it was on the shoal.

backside riding the sweet waves near shore

getting two decent front side rides in on the shoal

jibing on some sweet surfy rollers on the outside to actually surf them without sail power.

dropping into the bottom of the huge rollers to realize there was no wind in the bottom of them to have to surf my way out of the wind shadow

watching Fathom getting some sweet rides

watching Will catching some waves to get himself planing a bit

see Will water start

realizing that soon Will will be out there ripping along side of us if he keeps at it.

Thoroughly washing my wife's new car as an act of appreciation for all the understanding of my wind addiction.

Weather Conditions

Nice super sweet waves on the shoal.

Some crazy shore pound at my secondary launch at the bottom of Shoal Pt. Rd.

Huge ominous rollers on the outside that would block out the sun as the sun was dropping

Cool back lit waves near shore later on with glistening white water

The Day at a Glance


  SW 18-22 18






  3 hrs. 30 min.

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