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The harbor delivered again

Hamilton Harbour CCIW

Ya ya I know - Lake Erie is where it's at. But let me tell you if the forecast says SW and 20kts+ the harbor will not let you down. Had some guys arriving late in the day today saying Lake Erie skunked them.

Wicked day wowwww. Sailing overpowered today due to a deadline and having to leave early - too lazy to re-rig the 5.8. My 6.7 felt like I was driving a school bus after yesterday's 5.8 adventure.

SSW is a cool direction, you can get so far past the golf course . Had so much fun blasting! Very overpowered but I can still manage this sail is really big winds. Carve tacks are getting super fast and polished. Carve gybe on starboard tack is so close to planing exits... Will land one this year or next year and it's going to be caught on the gopro. Carve gybe on port tack is dirty and I'm just happy to make it around. Been neglecting it!

Met some newcomers to harbor and they were cool guys! Hope to see them again. At one point I'm blasting totally overpowered going super fast and I turn around - unexpectedly dude is 30ft behind me planing and cranked over grinning - awesome!!!! Wish I had the gopro running but I cracked the case and need to get a new one.

Today was a gift!

Weather Conditions

perfect. SSW, fully powered, super warm felt like summer except water was cold thank god for 6/5/4 but still barefeet and no gloves

The Day at a Glance


   15-27 22




  JP X-Cite Ride 125L/Neil Pryde 6.7 Fusion


  3 hrs. 5 min.

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