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Finally something decent.

Lake Ontario Mac's

Took half the day off and arrived at about 1pm, with many sailors on the beach gawking at the crap. Some of the more optimistic and/or further travelled were out on the water making the most of it. Good on them. We sat and stared and wondered if this was a bad move, taking time off for what looked like no waves & 5.0-6.0 weather.

Thankfully, things changed. The wind ramped up a notch to, say 20-25kts? and the waves started to fill in. The place to be was uppers, not a whole lot was making it down to Macs. Took a while be the waves started to improve. I sailed on my 4.7 Banzai and 105 Goya One for starters, but switched down to the 78L Quad LS shortly there after. The waves were decent, and good rides could be found, but it was light nearer to shore and the waves were sectioning and sometimes leaving one (but mostly me) with nothing. A bit frustrating for me but I saw many others making some excellent turns and getting some nice rides. Fathom and rINR are both ripping and doing well out there, and ditto for Joe and Old Whitey. The Mtl'ers were dominating though, showing us how it is done.

At about 3:30 or 4pm(?) not sure when, but the wind ramped up another notch probably to the 25-30kt range and the waves became really nice. Many more bigger sets and it seems like the wind increase and duration were starting to show. Rippage continued! Could have been on the 4.2 but just used that extra power to get upwind fast to catch the next set. Again, lots of action going on with Tom, Andre and les autres de Montreal ripping it up. Fun times!

Super stoked that it finally turned on, but disappointed in my fitness level. I've made it through some tough times with my shoulder tendonitis and they are definitely somewhat better now, but no question I feel weak and need to take a lot more rests than I used to. Definitely something I need to work on because I should have been sailing til dark! I spent too much time out there early on and didn't leave enough gas in the tank for the later goodness.

Great to see lots of people out and having fun! Looking forward to a few more before it gets too cold. Did I mention it was about 20C and sunny?

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  Quatro Quad LS 78/Goya Banzai 4.7


  3 hrs. 20 min.

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