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Snappin' Arseholes Martha!

Lake Ontario Upper Mac's

What a great day with a great crew to learn from! I love being the crappiest sailor among the elite because there is so much greatness to absorb and learn from. There was times I was cheering for the guys around watching them nail hit after hit after hit. It was fun just to bob in the water on the inside and just watch the sailors catching great rides. I learned some little nuances from watching everyone that had me getting some half decent rides as the day progress. I learned from sailing behind Old Whitey that I wasn't sheeting in enough on the bottom turns. I learned from Tom to get my weight more forward on the rail in the bottom turn, and he gave me a great pointer later at the Acoustic Grill about sliding my front hand really close to the mast to get that weight forward. I "tried" to replicate Fathom's top turn finesse to actual get some where I through my hands together, looked right back at the beach and rip as hard as I could off the top. In my head, I was doing a Boojma but when I would look back at the spray it was just a riNR. So many times I would roll into a perfect wave only to stall, or roll forward, or get rolled from the back, but it was still so much fun all the same. Three nice and high backloop attempts with the last one with a nice apex rotate to stuffing the nose in fully committed (no last second bail) but just can't hold onto the power on the landing (time to start concentrating on shoveling the nose around on entry). At times there would be 5 or 6 guys in one's field of site coming in to catch waves with others screaming on out through the sets, and you definitely had to be alert of those bobbing in behind the waves as you'd drop in or cross over the backs.

My only regret was not going down to the 5.2M near the end of the day but the flattened out 5.8M was still totally manageable but a little heavy once clew first.


Nice to go for dinner after and share the stoke.

Weather Conditions

absolutely sweet, some mess, no glassy at first but interesting wind angle filling in the corner left lots of speed to jump on the way out.

The Day at a Glance


  W 22-30 18




  95L Quattro LS Quad/5.8M Ezzy Wave SE


  4 hrs. 50 min.

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