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Blissful Return

Lake Ontario Macs

Well it's been over a year since I have really sailed - not including the brief time out at Ajax one week prior. I have truly missed sailing. Today at Mac's was sweetness. While not "epic" by many other sailors standards, today matched my skills and comfort level perfectly. Give me west 25 knots at Mac's anytime and I'll sail till' my hands are hamburger every time. Which is exactly what the state of my hands are. Hamburger. But, what a day. Excluding the time taken to rig down from 5.0 to 4.5 while ramming a peanut butter sandwich down my gullet, I sailed non-stop for about 4 hours. Heaven. As expected my beginner wave sailing skills were rusty at best, but, by sessions end truly felt I was "getting it". I was linking turns! More than than the proprioceptive muscle memory is starting to form in my little brain, replacing the inner chatter of; "bend your knees, keep weight forward, drive with your forward foot, sheet out the sail, hands close together at lip smack" etc etc... At sessions end I was just feeling it. While I didn't want it to end my body really was done. It's really nice getting back on the water and ripping. It's also nice to see the familiar faces of those fellow sailors who I haven't seen for some time. I hope we can get even just one more day like that before seasons end.

Weather Conditions

Warm, windy

The Day at a Glance


   25- 18




   95 Quattro FSW/5.0 Ezzy Powerwave/4.5 Maple Freak


  4 hrs.

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