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Good Practice

Lake Ontario Pt. Traverse

Sailed on 5.2M and 105L for most of the day. Surprisingly comfortable on the bigger board given the conditions. It was nice to have the volume in the lulls. Later on it started to really crank so out on the 95L. Nice waves at the point for practicing front side. Slowly getting better but taking some time. Nice to sail with DocJibe's tip of sailing off the harness with very light grip on boom. This conserves energy and improved my upwind angle and stamina. Cool to sail way out to the island and sail on the waves running in totally different angle on top of the shoal.

Weather Conditions

some nice rollers to do some surfing jibes and goofy footed front side on and some nice head high waves at the point and above the point for wrong footed front side.

The Day at a Glance


  SW 22-30 12




  105L - 95L /5.2M


  4 hrs.

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