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Awww don't I look cute

Lake Ontario Dieppe Verterans Memorial Park

This was the day after we had the NE storm of the century (at least this far in the 2000's!). Wind had died but waves were massive. Hey! I know! I am going to go to the Hamilton side of the pier and ride the waves that are still 5ft in wind 8-10kts. Sounds like a great idea.

Look at me in that first pic, so optimstic thinkin' I'll be rippin these waves. Reality sets in... I'll let the progression of the pictures tell the story.

osclimber came down and asked WTF am I doing. We go to Leander boat club after this... unfortunately wind was too light and we didn't get on a plane.

lol ... dat bird shit in the last pic...

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  JP X-Cite Ride 125L/Neil Pryde 6.7 Fusion


  2 hrs.

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