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Lake Erie Cedar bay

Well I was on my way back to stoney creek when plans changed. So I headed back to the cottage to get so windsurfing in!! I drove down to silver bay and sherkston to check out the conditions. And sherkston has some serious wind and waves ! Wow and the windsurfers rule down there ! Nice ! But I just ended up sailing out from cedar bay. I set out on the 5.0 and 120 but was way over powered so I change sails to the 4.0 and the 75l board..but the board was way too small so I switched back to the 120 and sailed for a little while. I never really got in a groove so I just called it after while. I realized the need for a good high wind cold water set up! But some of the sailors down at sherkston were ripping it up! And out off shore they were killing it. The waves would have been massive. From the shore I don't think the people on the beach realize how big the waves are out there.

Weather Conditions

Windy 25+

The Day at a Glance


  W 25-35 10




  120 , 75/5.0 , 4.0


  1 hrs. 15 min.

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