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Nuking Coyote

San Francisco Bay Coyote Point

Got to Coyote and it looked WIIIINNDY

Rigged up a 3.7 for Jenn and sent her out on the 86L. She looked like she was really powered up and after a small number of reachers (2?) came in saying she was done. In hindsight, it was purely survival sailing. After some time of her getting out of her wetsuit and me getting into mine it was my turn. It looked WAY lighter but friends were saying it was windy so I went out on Jenn's combo.

Took a bit to find the windline, but it was full power 3.7 and I could have definitely used a smaller board. No wonder Jenn was struggling.

Had some fun launching some big / barely controlled airs on port (I suck controlling the board in the air on port) before finally coming in.

Weather Conditions

Strong wind with big holes both inside and out. Didn't really matter where you went.

The Day at a Glance






  86L Kode/3.7 Eclipse


  1 hrs.

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