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Teaching a friend at the Delta

Sacramento River Delta The Access

Woke up early on a longshore (weak) forecast of wind at the Delta.

Got there early and it looked like solid 4.4 to 4.8 wind but as it was forecasted to drop, opted to rig 4.8.

Met up with Todd who was getting back into windsurfing after having moved from Toronto with a 7.6 being his only sail... ended up rigging a 5.0 for him to let him practice waterstarting in the playpen.

Session was a mix of going on my own and giving Todd pointers after an initial walkthrough for waterstarting.

Had an amazing session (first in a while!) planing around the river, freestyling in the playpen.

Managed probably the cleanest loop I've had yet (totally dry landing)

Lots of fun! Delta is pretty sweet.

Weather Conditions

Super flat playpen which later turned choppy as the tide came up.

Solid 4.8 that turned light, then then wind picked up on the tail end as I was getting ready to leave.

The Day at a Glance






  99L Skate/4.8 Loco


  2 hrs.

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