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Finger food winds at Candlestick

San Francisco Bay Candlestick Park

I got a little bit of everything today...

First it was super holey on 4.8, 1/3 planing, 1/3 barely planing (or not able to get on a plane), 1/3 unsailably light.

Then it died to nothing.

Then it cranked from nothing to 4.0 in about 5 minutes.

Then it was solid 4.4 (with gusts in between for a while).

I managed 3 stretches:

30 minutes of fun 4.8 where it was my first time on a freestyle board this year. My first reach I got a spock 540 on the outside and a flaka on the inside... That made my session right there! (minimal rust!)

Second stretch was about 20-30 minutes with KK, me on a 4.4 and him on a 4.0, until it got way too holey.

Finally went back out with KK when it filled in a bit better and scored some solid 4.4. winds.

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  99L Skate/4.4 Loco


  1 hrs. 15 min.

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