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Day 27

Lake Ontario Frenchman's Bay

My kid had to be driven all the way across the town to the East end, so I took the gear expecting some action with the East winds shown in the forecast.

Using the Sailing Spots map I had a lead on a launch in Whitby, off Lake Ridge road (thanks Windsurf Canada and RiNR!); found the place no problem but there was nobody there and the lake was bit furious, large swells beating the shoreline made mostly off large storm walls, so rather sailor unfriendly in case of an emergency. Also the launch is really tiny, not sure how easy to spot from the lake to come back to.

So I drove another 20 minutes back to Frenchman's to find 4 windsurfers and 2 or 3 kiters fully lit under the afternoon sunshine, the lake has somehow lost the roar I witnessed at the other spot (maybe because of the sheltered bay), so I rigged an 8.3 assuming the action may slowly dissipate. One guy I talked to said he was out on a 7 meter. Pushed-off at 4:00pm, popped on the plane immediately at so it was for the next 3 hours :-) ,had several runs out to the #2 buoy BAF. GREAT DAY!

Later met another sailor who said he broke his mast when first out, must have been really crazy earlier. Saw some really good windsurfers on the water.

Weather Conditions

wind strong and constant, large swell, warm water

The Day at a Glance


  E 12-18 26




  Bic 293 OD/Simmer 8.3


  3 hrs.

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