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Northern Conditions

Georgian Bay Allenwood

iwindsurf had this forecast bang on for the past 5 days right down to the hour.... amazing. SW turning W then NW then N, all between 10 and 3. On the water by 2:00 rigged 5.0, one pass, then down to the 4.5. The next hour and a half was a battle with gusty winds, lulls, hail, rain, cold hands, shifting conditions that for the most part had us pinned to the shore. Almost went home. The wind died for 10 minutes but returned with force from the north. Heading straight out from Allenwood the ramps were jacked up for the way out and peeling for what seemed like minutes on the way in. One wave blended into the next, into the next into the next. Rarely seen these conditions but did not go back in until the sun set beneath the horizon. De-rigged in a hail storm in the dark with Smokey!! Mother Nature's way of making up for the mess we all experienced on Saturday at Ossossane. Only windsurfer on the water. Missed Oldschool, Tuck Tape Mike, Hangloose and the rest of the crowd.

Weather Conditions

Ended up being epic northerly conditions. Great way to potentially end the seasons.

The Day at a Glance


  N 20-28 5




  85L Naish/5.0 Search / 4.5 Alpha


  3 hrs.

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