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Feast or Famine

Lake Simcoe Beaverton

Drove up there via Lake Ridge Rd. and once I got up to Dagmar area it was snowing like nuts. I called Fathom and he assured me that it was sunny up there. I passed through Port Bolster to check it out and it was blowing solid 3.7 M - 4.4M winds but I made the stupid decision to go to Beaverton and sailed there. It was NNW so I rigged 5.0M on the 91 L Wave and went out alone. It was blowing but huge gusts and straight on into the waves. It was a jumpers heaven but I wasn't in the mood for taking chances. I was already sore from falling / jumping off a ladder on Tueday and physio on Wednesday. Sailed real safe for an hour in the bowling balls of wind gusts and then called it quits before i wrecked myself. The wind was going from comfortable 5.0M conditions to wound right up 4.4M conditions making sailing not that much fun and dangerous.

Weather Conditions

small waves inside the reeds, nice curling waves just outside the reeds, shoulder to head high rolling swell up wind and off shore.

The Day at a Glance


  NW 20-30 4




  Poison 91L Wave/5.0M NP Core


  1 hrs.

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