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Boundary Bay Centennial Beach

Showed up first thing in the morning and the wind was blowing pretty hard. Rigged up the 4.2 and again Brad was on his 4.1. We both were ripping along right from the shore but I was definitely fully powered and over-powered in the gusts. Lots of fun to have all that power there though.. just flying along. The wind had only just picked up so the water was a bit flatter but the waves were forming.

I didn't venture too far as the wind was up and down and I was worried about it's eventual shut-down. Brad went super far and came back reporting massive waves.

Jumped a bit, played on the waves a bit, attempted one forward, then the wind completely dropped and I was washed-downwind. Tried a few tacks when the wind reared up for a few minutes, but made no upwind progress. Did the longest walk of shame I've ever done at BBay (one of two that day), and brought my gear back to de-rig. Chatting with some people, it looked like the wind was back up again. Those who had rigged bigger and were playing on the water came back and were slammed by the strong strong wind, so I put my boom back on the sail and went back for round 2.

This time I was definitely over-powered. Brad re-rigged his sail (he had packed up to go also citing work... but yea.. that didn't happen). Got some nice hops, attempted one more loop (overpowered and under-rotated due to the sail being too strong for me) and then called it a day after it lulled again. Lots of schlogging the 81L but it gave good practice. I even nose dived the board to my knees and recovered it once. Yay for sail-balance skillz!


+ tacked the 81L a few times in the midst of waist high waves

+ got a couple of good gybes on wave faces (just slow it down and it works.. use the wave)

+ had one great run where I was popping over each wave and keeping it all together (opening up slammed the board back in the water from MBP)

Weather Conditions

Wind was up.. wind was down... I nearly derigged, then wind was $(*$#&(# nuts... then wind was down

and it was cold

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SE 20-35 7




  81L RRD Wavecult/4.2 Naish Session


  2 hrs.

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