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Erie Sherkston

Hit it right on the nose today., Drove down with wind_powered to an empty beach. Just us 2. I rigged 5.8 and he rigged 5.3 .Wind was side to side on with straight on waves which were 3 to 6ft. Beautifull setup for awsome jumps. Wish I did some loop attempts but being on the cool side I decided to sail a little more conservative, none the less, we both nailed some nice jumps. Wave riding was also real good. After about an hr in the water, Don Z showed up . He rigged 5.6 and was dialed right in. After a while 1 kiter showed up. Can't believe that at this time of the year I managed to hang on without gloves for more then 3 hrs. Only on he first couple of runns did my fingures got numb, but after warming them up, they were good to go!

Today I gave my new 75L board a trial run, was not quite enough for it though.

Weather Conditions

Cool, sunny, windy, and waves!

The Day at a Glance


  W 20-25 9




  95L Quattro Freewave/N.P. 5.8 search


  3 hrs.

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