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Cold and quick

Nahant Bay Nahant Beach

Left home at 2:15pm.

Got to Nahant about 30 minutes later and rigged up a 6.2 even though the winds seemed pretty strong. This time the wind was really up and down and the water cold.

After a first coupe of runs I came in to get booties on and went back out. The booties and the gusty conditions really threw me off and the rest of the session was spent holding on. Biggest mistake was probably the fact that I put my freestyle fin on, which really hurt my ability to get planing.

In the end, got a few good reaches, and managed to plane down-wind switchstance and clew-first for a bit. Packed it in and was freezing cold. Getting near the end of my time on the water!

Weather Conditions

Wind was up and down, mostly ok powered but sometimes just way overpowered.

Cold water.

The Day at a Glance


  NW 17-25 10




  96L FreeSex/6.2 Duke


  1 hrs.

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