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Ice !!!

Simcoe Beaverton

Sunshine on the way up and on the water for the most part.

4.0 perfectly powered. Some ramps and some swell riding.

But after 30min after flipping the sail, I noticed the boom was slippery, thought maybe it was the new mitts. After a few minutes, I realized everything was icing over...sail, boom, even top of the board.

I was toasty warm however the more I fell in, the harder it was to get the fingers warm again. So more break than usual to warm up on shore. Was about to leave after 90min when Chris showed up, stayed for another hour to sail with him, then finally home called.

Now that's a brand new experience: Ice.

I think the air temp was around 0 to -1C, and windchill around -8C.

Water around 8C.

Boom becomes slippery. Harness line super stiff (but also falls right into the hook).

Outhaul iced but did not need. Sail iced up and could not see through the panel, however it fell like sailing a foil, it was super stable and flip with an ice creak.

Could not change any settings once set, even dipping in the water did not thaw enough.

Finally, the whole rig had to be put in the van to soften the sail enough to remove the mast. The mast had to be left whole, the two parts were frozen together, and the sail could not be rolled until home and taken indoor...

Crazy but fun!!!

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  W 24-33 0




  Tabou Pocketwave 69/NP Zone 4.0


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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