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Simcoe B-dot

Had second thoughts after seeing Fathom glazed with ice, but the conditions turned out to be super steady and fun. The flat water spot was filled in, some laydown attempts. But mostly trying to jump on port and avoiding contact with the water like it was the gulf of mexico. Waves were probably as big as they get for a WSW wind.

Putting the gear in the water melted the ice quickly, but it's sucky to flip the sail and grab onto a section of boom with the friction coefficient of a bratwerst from the freezer. Special thanks to Fathom for the Glacier Gloves!

4.4m2,, max dowhaul, max outhaul, lower tack grommet.

Fiberspar "415" mast

10cm extension

base halfway back

Weather Conditions

Flat, ramps inside, chop outside

The Day at a Glance


   25-30 0




  ahd wave 84/Np 4.4


  1 hrs. 20 min.

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