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Fun in the Sun

Sarasota Bay, Gulf of Mexico Florida - Sarasota - Bird Key Park

My family and I are down in Florida staying in South Port and took a day to travel up to Sarasota for some windsurfing with my older son.. We rented equipment from Island Style Watersports. Their equipment is a bit worn but we got fitted. Winds had been forcast to be at 10 knots but turned out to run 12 -18 enough to get some planing in. The water temperature was pretty cool. We roughed it with shorties but could have used a full suit. Air temperature about 18 C.

Bird Key Park is small but there were few cars and and there is room to rig and the launch is easy on a North wind.

I had a Mistral 133 screamer with a 8.5 North Sail, and my son had a Starboard Go 155 with a Ezzy 7.0. My son had only sailed a 5.4 as his largest sail and had no problems with the 7.0 other than a harness line breaking. What a treat to be sailling together.

Nice site for windsurfing. Even had a local zip by on a formula board and shoot me some advise on raising my boom. Did that and wow more power and speed.

The Day at a Glance


  N 12-18 18




  133 Mistral Screamer/Starboard Go 155/8.5/7.0


  2 hrs. 45 min.

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