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Leave rINR at home

Ontario Frenchman

Waited all day, gardening, splitting hostas etc...when the trees started moving. Decided on Frenchman for the warmer nuclear water and less chance of doming, and it was not doming. A gazillion kiters on the water. Went on the 5.8, 125L set up, planing nicely along. rINR showed up and the wind completely shut down (including for the kites).

Watched Jetmech bobbing along heli tacking and one of the slowest duck jibe I've ever seen LOL!

Finally rINR had enough packed up and as soon as he started his van, the wind picked up. How crazy was that! Sunshine, blue sky and completely power/overpowered on 8.0/125L, slalom at the edge of flying off esp with building waves. Fun! And as with Jetmech had to leave perfectly good conditions for prearranged family dinner.

The Day at a Glance


  SW 15-18 16




  Tabou Rocket 125/Sailworks Retro 8.0 rigged to max settings


  2 hrs.

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