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Session 3 - Sweet Sensations

da Gorge Arlington

The day started with a well defined cloud line showing on the satellite image and Wind Mountain Pete saying, “WooHoo!”, in response.

We decided to make an early break for Three Mile Canyon, but Pete called it off once he arrived so we meet up at Arlington.

Interesting launching at Arlington. Luckily the water in this section of the river was low (from the dam gates below being so open), so it made launching a little easier. I took advantage of the harbour for exits shooting in deep to the south wall, jibing once and bearing off on a deep broad reach to exit at the inside beach. I did this three times and got to be really fun ripping in the flat water and stable blasting wind inside the harbour.

One of the best parts of the day for me was the first set - just enough power to get the big board going in the smooth rolling swell and this made for gentle smooth swell rides. As things picked up, so did the intensity. This day started in a similar way to a 5.0 day I shared here with riNR, but the swell was BIGGER than the 3.6/4.0 day we shared even though the wind was not quiet as strong.

Quote of the day was from Wind Mountain Pete, "Just shop around for the swell you like and then spend some time there."

One of the locals who arrive around 4 pm said, "Finally a real windsurfing day!", as he pulled out a 4.0 and a sub-70 litre board.

Everytime I drive east I am always awestruck by the sheer scale of the landscape!

Weather Conditions

Wind was steady and stable from shore to shore with some gusts, but compared to yesterday it was buttery smooth. You could sail anywhere you wanted - Roosevelt was easy to reach from Arlington (and it was easier to make gear adjustments there than extracting yourself at Arlington).

Really nice smooth chest high rolling swell building to head high (and above) at times. But late in the day the swell picked up some wind chop than made it a little bouncy in spots. Downwind of the elevators was claimed by most to be the favoured spot. A couple of solid jumps, but riding was favoured over jumps.

Everyone was smiling - locals and tourist. This session made the whole trip worthwhile!

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 25-30 20




  RRD FSW 110 + Goya One 85/Ezzy Wave SE 5.0 + Ezzy Wave SE 4.5


  3 hrs.

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