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Session 6 - Cape Sebastian for Lunch

Pacific Ocean Cape Sebastian

The day started off slowly with light wind, errands in town and looking at pictures from the day before in the coffee shop with the Big Wave Dave crew.

I worked my way down to Pistol River and walked around in the freshening wind. It was now sailable 4.5 and nobody else was showing up. I knew others had stopped at Cape Sebastian, so I back tracked and found the crew busy rigging. OK today is the day for Cape Sebastian - it looked enticing after the big sets at Pistol River the day before.

I am still amazed this place works. It is a sheltered bay with a small mountain at the windward end of the bay and some small islands just off shore. It is no wonder the wind is shifty and puffy. But off we went to sample the waves. Although the waves were smaller punching out was still a trick given how quickly they would jack and close out. Once on the outside the gusts were angry at times (and the 21 cm fin was not helping). Caught one really nice little front side ride and then went in to change to a larger fin and flatten my sail. Both helped and caught a few more rides. Then the sail was ridiculously overpowered (to the point I though I was going to get stranded on the outside). I came in and got 4.5 and this was far more comfortable. A few more rides and then it was time to call it mission complete. It was a challenging, tiring, but rewarding sail.

Hard to believe it was already after 4 pm. Time to head up to Pistol River to check it out (almost hoping it wasn’t good so I would not feel like I was missing anything if I did not go out).

Quote of the day:

Tony told me his storey about learning to windsurf only three years ago; on January 1st no less, "I couldn’t figure out why this sport was so hard to learn, I had picked up so many other sports so quickly. I went straight to short boards; learned to waterstart (on Esquimalt Lagoon), learned to sail in the straps, learned to sail with a harness, and then learned to jibe (all at Cook Street)." And now he is sailing (ripping) sideoff conditions at Cape Sebastian and entering the Wave Bash - very inspiring storey! It just goes to show what a little determination and athletic ability can achieve.

Weather Conditions

Wind was side shore with a hint of sideoff. Shifts and gusts were common to the point where it felt like you were riding the wrong part of the torque curve (lots of load in the sail, but not moving anywhere at times).

Head high clean waves that were close to shore during the low tide. They would jack and dump (close out pretty quickly at times). But if you got one of the open sections it was golden! True clean down the line sailing!

It was pictures of Cape Sebastian from the BWD 2010 tour that motivated me to do this trip, so I was pretty excited to be getting the chance to sail it. Big Wave Dave tour crew had the beach all to themselves for lunch - stoke was high (very high for this session)! I got four thumbs up from the beach in response to my fist pump at the tail end of a little frontside wave ride - thanks guys!

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NE 15-25 18




  Goya One 85/Ezzy Wave SE 5.0 > Ezzy Wave SE 4.5


  2 hrs.

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