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Session 7 - Pistol River for Dinner

Pacific Ocean Pistol River

Driving down you could see sailors powered up and jumping in wind that seemed gentle for Pistol River (~5ish). Got busy, rigged and went out. Nice little cool down session, including the big wash back to the beach (at least my gear is clean of sand now) on my last ride (I was really tired now).

The day ended with pressure washing the salt off the van (it had been washed yesterday) and a bar-b-que dinner from Bubba’s road side smoke house shack (not the real name, but you get the idea).

Quotes of the day:

Big Wave Dave (the man): "What time is it?"

Me: "About 5 pm."

BWD: "5! I was going to have a nap and let me body temp come up again before going out!"

Me: "Looks like it is now or never."

Fifteen minutes later I saw Dave ripping it up, including on 10 plus turn down-the-line ride that made Pistol River look like San Carlos. That guy has some skills.

Weather Conditions

Wind was more sideshore again. It was steady and quite soothing when I first went out shortly after 5 pm, but then it turned almost Cape Sebastian like. There almost seemed to be a reverse wind line on the outside where if you went too far it got a little light. Gusts on the outside turned angry and then the angry gusts came inside too. Pistol River itself (usually full of even wind pattern, was puffing with gusts after I left the water). Strange.

Waves were slightly smaller than yesterday, but still nice faces being presented and the occasional Macker (closed out section which I can personally attest to). But even though larger than Cape Sebastian, they were more forgiving (A-frame, sluffing but not dumping, and in shorter sections). On the outside the water had some wave to it but was more confused than yesterday.

Most of the Big Wave Dave crew were out at it once again – spurring each other on and taking pictures. Once again the stoke was high!

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  N 20-28 18




  Goya One 85/Ezzy Wave SE 5.0


  1 hrs.

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