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Session 8 - A Day at the Spa

Pacific Ocean Pistol River

The day started with a quick stop at Cape Sebastian to watch a kite photo shoot in progress. Dana Miller was also taking to the water with a 5.2 (which he though was going to be too much). Although Dana made it look easy, the conditions did not draw any of us out. We pressed on to Pistol River.

The amount of sailing the BWD tour members have enjoyed was starting to show itself as no one was super anxious to take to the water except those travelling today and myself. The others were waiting on the tide to rise and create more rideable waves.

This session was windy, with more jumps today than the other sessions combined. Big floating, flutter jumps could be had. But as Wind Doctor noted, it was too windy to loop comfortably (although some attempts were seen). I am not sure if I have adjusted to the wave size but today seemed manageable, but when I look at the pictures I am little surprised to see how big some of the waves seem.

So my ‘day at the spa’ included face exfoliation provided by all natural Oregon beach sand blasted with 40+ mph winds, followed by skin tightening treatment using repeated quick immersions in cold ocean sea water, followed by full body massage provided by closing out waves (sometimes lasting a little longer than anticipated or desired), and finally finishing off with a pedicure provided by sand inside wetsuit boots. I really feel great now! But funny enough I am quiet tired also.

I was supposed to be headed back to the Gorge today, but somehow I ended up spending another day here. Maybe tomorrow I will leave. Maybe.

The day ended with photo sorting over a pasta diner (some are predicting big south swell tomorrow).

Quote of the day:

Morewind: "Today is the windiest day of the trip!"

Weather Conditions

Wind was more sideshore again (similar direction to yesterday). It was stable (close to the water) and consistent in direction. There were some short lulls and gusts. At times it was so windy on the outside I had to wait for lulls to gybe. During the gusts it was hard to breath with the power of the wind running over your face.

Waves were moderate in size and fairly easy to punch through. Although they were very tightly spaced at times (I remember saying to myself that it seemed like a period of about 2 seconds on each of those last 4 waves) as I snuck to the outside by the hair of my chinney-chin-chin) and they could jack to present impenetrable walls of rejection (also know as Mackers). At low tide early on it was more a jumping day than a riding day. Then as the tide came in the waves allowed for more riding. Once again there was chop covered rolling swell mixed with waves on the outside. The water was noticeably colder today. Morewind mentioned that the stronger wind can cause the ocean to upwell: draw the colder deeper water to the surface.

The Big Wave Dave crew was out in force again, but it was a little bitter-sweet as for some it was there last day on this trip. I can’t say how much I have appreciated the whole BWD crew. They are all very welcoming, inclusive, full of laughter, and always willing to help out. A big thank you in particular to Morewind for shooting some pictures today.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


   30-35 15




  Evo 74/Ezzy Wave SE 4.0


  2 hrs.

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