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Session 9 - Splash and Dash

Pacific Ocean Pistol River

The day started with the forecast south swell not showing up - but there was a large crowd out at Cape Sebastian early none the less.

The BWD crew were off to Pistol River before the wind built into the sub-4 range.

This was just a quick session to have one last splash in the ocean before starting the drive north. There were some jumps, some rides and more than a few washings. This place is the real deal.

It is funny I spend all of the time at Centennial chasing down waves and hitting them with all my might, but here at Pistol River I spend all of my time running away from waves.

Fish mentioned he was going to stop in Florence to check out the south jetty and it was too late to make Hood River today so I said I would join him.

Quote of the day:

NY windsurfer: "What sail size do you have up?"

Me: "4.0 and I have my hands full."

NY windsurfer: "All I brought was my 5.0 and 6.0."

PR regular: "It is supposed to back off a little tomorrow."

NY windsurfer: "Back off, how much?"

PR regular: "It might be 4.7 tomorrow."

After watching the NY windsurfer try to take to the water Kus was heard to say, "This ain’t Kansas."

Weather Conditions

Wind was very similar to the day before: More sideshore again (similar direction to yesterday). It was stable (close to the water) and consistent in direction (again). The wind was "just right" at first and then someone flipped the "hyper-space" switch!

Waves were very tightly spaced at times as it was all wind swell again. The BWD crew(BWD, Fish and Morewind) were enjoying the deep pockets just to the south of the two islands (north of ‘the rock’). During the low tide reaching the outside proved a challenge at times. Personally I was batting just over 500. It was a tough session.

The Big Wave Dave crew splintered once again as a few more returned home. Those remaining were starting to show signs of being war weary (including myself).

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  N 30- 16




  Evo 74/Ezzy Wave SE 4.0


  1 hrs.

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