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Session 10 - The Kids Pool

Pacific Ocean Florence - South Jetty

Following a three hour drive north from Pistol River along coastal highway 101 (being buffeted most of the time by 40+ mph gusts and then later having a police escort for a short stint), we were greeted by the wide open south jetty beach at Florence. But something had changed! There was no blasting sand, kids were playing, dogs running around, girls were surfing, and families were having pic-nics! This was quiet pleasant - even the wind and waves seemed to be playful.

This was a real treat of a session with no Mackers in sight - just playful little waves looking for playmates. We did our down-the-line windance as long as we dared as the day started to fade and feeding time at the zoo (sharks begin to feed at dusk) was fast approaching. So we called it day well pleased with the second set of the day! After sailing at Pistol River this was like playing in the kids pool! I just wish I had more energy (and a few more hours of daylight).

The day ended with dinner at a Chinese/Japanese restaurant in Florence that stayed open an extra half hour to serve us. Great meal and healthy sized portions. We will sleep well tonight!

Quote of the day:

Fish (before taking to the water): "We will be hitting these waves with reckless abandon!"

Weather Conditions

Wind was sideshore, stable (close to the water), and consistent in direction. Any changes in speed were very gentle. Wind was consistent (inside and outside).

Very fun, playful shoulder high waves. Nice jumping ramps and rideable faces.

This was an awesome little cool down session following on the intensity of the morning session at Pistol River. Fish seemed to be pleased that I lent him my Goya 85 (which was familiar to him having spent time on one in San Carlos) as his 78 was too small for the light air.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  N 20- 20




  RRD FSW 110 + Makani Mano 26 cm/Ezzy Wave SE 5.0


  3 hrs.

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