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Day 3 delivers!

Pacific Sprecks Maui

The forecast was garbage, went into Kahului shopping, not expecting anything more than 15 knots, came back at noon and it was cranking 25kn.

Took 4.9 out for a run and quickly realized the err of my ways, rigged 4.5 and got on with it fabulously. Matt P lent me a better fin to try and it made all the difference in planing. Sailed upwind to wave zone and managed some big jumps, a few jibes, then the horror- fell on the inside and a wave crashed on my sail, snappin the mast. So what. Went back, got the 4.9 and right back at it. Beauty day.

Weather Conditions


The Day at a Glance


   20-25 25




  JP freestyle wave 93/NP Combat Wave 4.5 and fusion 4.9


  4 hrs.

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