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The Gorge

Columbia River Hood River - Event Site

Jul; 22- 28

Jul 24 - Went biking at 8 Mile Creek - totally amazing views

Jul 25- First taste of the Gorge. Water is warm, shorty works. Wind very gusty. Nash Nitrix 115, with 6.5(renting from Big Winds)

Jul 26 - Wind more solid, started 6.0 then switchted to 5.2. Event site extemly busy

Jul 27 - Went to Falls Creek Caves - lava tubes - way cool

Jul 28 - went biking at Post Canyon,(no wind forecast) came back at 4:00 pm winds up above 16 knots, out for 1.5 hr session WOW . Got up stream of the event site and was pretty quite on traffic but wind was great.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W - 26




  115 Nash Nitrix/5.2- 6.5



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