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Feel the Current

Columbia River Bingen, WA

Went to Bingen as I was trying to find a site with less traffic as my son(15)was overwhelmed by the traffic at the event site. No one else at the Sailboard park in Bingen. There are fish nets both east and west of the laucnh area with about 200 yards in between. He got out nicely and we had a good session. Wind was from the west and just enough for good blasting. Swell got bigger later on but the run from one side of the river to the other is about 1/2 mile and is a blast.

The current is very strong which you notice if you spend any time in the water (still working on my jibes ). You actually had to watch that you did not get swept upriver too much. This makes for pretty some fun wave riding when your are coming back down river. We finished about 3:30 and the wind shutoff shortly there after

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 13-18 30




  Naish 115 Nitrix/ JP Funride 120/6.0 Sailworks Retro/ Naish 4.7


  50 min.

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