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Not quite what I was expecting

Lake Simcoe Beaverton

A big "thank you" to RiNR for the quick loan of the Poison 91 and boom and to Fathom who saved one session by providing some sail tape (to replace some dried out repair tape applied by the previous owner but not mentioned at the time of sale).

This day was a bit of a rig feast with four combinations tried - included two boards and three sails.

It also struck me how little things (harness lines, lack of non-skid, and ill-tuned sail) can make a big difference to moves completed (or not).

Quote of the day

Me (after sailing the first two hours): "When are the ramps going to show up?"

Weather Conditions

Wind was unstable (it didn’t seem to like the clouds) and was back and shifting throughout the day. Started off strong around 1:30 then back and finally seemed to settle in around 5:00 pm. With the strange wind it felt like a day of pointing.

Wind swell never really set up, even when the wind settled in. You really had to watch for rogue waves and then they were even hard to hit.

Nice to sail with Fathom and RiNR (and to see Jonathon working the small gear so well), but the conditions were a little less than what I was expecting from Beaverton.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NW 15-22




  Poison 91 / F2 Maui Project Style Large 105 /NP NR 5.0 / NP Expression 6.7 / NP Core 5.8


  4 hrs.

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