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Lake Simcoe Port Bolster

I was sceptical of going sailing as I was not feeling to well last night or this morning but doped up on the Advil the morning and made it through church feeling fine so decided to go out.

I drove to Port Bolster first and wind wasn't too exciting and wasn't going to rig big when not feeling a 100% plus no one was out. Drove up to Beaverton and tons of guys out but flat as a pool table, wind off shore, guys sailing way out to catch wind and not really plaining- NO THANKS!

I drove up to Heritage Farms and still off shore but not as bad but no sailors. I thought "forget it" and thought I'd drive home through Bolster to take another look. Pull in and Chuck is rigging and the wind looks way stronger. Rigged up the 6.4M on the 106L Flare and had a blast except for having to goof around with set up, but once dialed in it was nice. Some nice sholulder high swells for slashing around on the way back in and tons of ramps on the way out. One really lame backloop attempt and lots of starboard cracks.

I ended up quiting as I started to feel quite ill with my ears ringing, and weird heart racing and strange balance issues with landing too nose first, and stomach / bowel pains. Stopped to get gas and downed some flattened ginger ale with some advil which helped.

Got home, beat red face, feverish feeling, and everthing aching......still fun day all the same.....glad I got out with Chuck.

Weather Conditions

Nice swell,and nice ramps

The Day at a Glance


  N 18-23 17




  106 L Flare/6.4M NP Excess


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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