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Niiiice Day

Lake O. MCP

Not much on land, but very nice whitecaps all over the water... rigged the smaller sail I had in the van and pushed off. Lake got large swells with no rhythm, but nothing too dangerous or overwhelming once you were riding it. Sail size turned out good, spent all my time hooked-in on the plane. Sweet !!

Ventured far away into the open lake, coming back saw 2 or 3 other sailors closer to the East beach (Sandro, I think), and 4 or 5 kiters on the west side. Water was warmer than I expected, constant wind, sunny sunset... life is beautiful :)

Weather Conditions

steady wind, manageable swell, not many surprises. Nice

The Day at a Glance


  SE 14-16 18




  Bic OD/Simmer 6.7


  3 hrs.

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