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R.eality Check

Lake Ontario Point Traverse, Prince Edward County

Windy,chilly but fun. Unusually crowded with 3 sailors out at one time! Used to the solo sessions so it was nice to have Fish (always fun to watch) and Craig (fast) representing the Kingston contingent.

Nice to get wind but everything was wrong tack for me and I was humbled repeatedly. Trying to ride the waves usually ended in either the rig being ripped out of my hands when going back up the wave - or a forward faceplant - tiring and frustrating. Water was nice and warm. Was really nice to have sailors to chat with on the beach during breaks and after sailing- usually just me and the zebra mussels and shorebirds. Always opportunities to learn too - gotta work on my fast tacks like Fish clearly.

Weather Conditions

Chilly, waves coming from the left - wierd

The Day at a Glance


  NE -




  RRD 84 wave cult/Simmer 3.8, 45


  3 hrs. 40 min.

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