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Sorry Assed Post

Pamlico Sound OBX

Reading all the recent posts from home this seems sorry assed but I am on a quest for 100 sailing hours this year so post I must!

What an adventure this trip has been already with a house that was meant to be ready by 4 sunday and we got called off at 3:30....stuck in a new house next to Real Kiiting but did get out on a 5.7 and 110 for a 2 hour ride with the biggest downwinder I've ever!

Rode into the middle of the ABK Camp and managed a catapult in front of Andy Brandt....he seemed impressed :-) How humbling...

Looking really good for the next few days so I have a decent shot at the 100.

Weather Conditions

Regular Hatteras S/W 19 to 21 bump and jump or catapult!

The Day at a Glance


  SW 19-21 25




  110/5.7 5.0


  2 hrs.

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