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Georgian Bay Allenwood

Finally got a solid day in up on the bay. 4 hours of wave sailing, 3 on a 5.8/95L combo with an hour at the end with a 5.0/84L set up. Sailed with Geoff and about a dozen kiters. Port tack conditions for most of the day though thing turned a little north for the last hour. Missed Oldschool but thanks for lending me your Rouge Wave, couldn't have sailed without it. Sailed till the sunset and de-rigged in the dark. MNR did a great job cleaning up with not a single dead bird to be seen. More camera crews than dead birds in fact.

Weather Conditions

Port tack winds, solid wave action

The Day at a Glance


  W 16-24 12




  84L JP Wave / 95ish Rogue Wave/5.8/5.0 NP Search


  4 hrs.

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