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Concrete Wave Goes Off!

N/A Centennial Parking Lot

Made the call over lunch on Sunday to KC5555 who was all in! But then showed up at the "beach" sans mast. No worries: I made him rig up while I checked out the prevailing conditions, stationary and moving obstacles (cars, motorcycles and a Zamboni). Wind was gusty north and as per dropped off as soon as KC5555 had finished rigging.

The "water" seemed to have a hard corrugated feel to it for some reason......

We haven't been out on the black top for a couple of seasons, but really like the sail handling and footwork practice. It's just like the real thing. Only hurts a helluva lot more should you bail at 40 kms/hr. So don't. KC555 busted out some nice jybes (tricky at slow speed..) and the usual rep of Flakkas, Air Cachos, Burners and switch stance vulcan pkn lot donuts.

Too bad the wind cacked out as it's a kinda cool option to extend the season.

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  LandBoard pneumatic 4x4/WS Canada Superfreak Maple Leaf Edition 6.2


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