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Barbie winter sailing report

Ontario Mac and Belleville

Barbie woke up early from her restful sleep, and drove to SBX for a dawn patrol session. Point Petre sensors promised close to 30knts, but Mr. Petre, just like all men is a big liar. Nothing when Barbie arrived. She managed to barely plane on her 5.8/86L combo.

Just then Ken lent her his BIG 7.5/100L freestyle combo and yeeehaaa she was yanked forward and was immediately planing. Barbie managed one front side ride on that set up.

Barbie then changed to her 5.8 on the 100L and it was also a great combination, in fact much lighter to manage with her skinny arms. However, as she was coming back for some front side ride, the Wind Gods did not enjoy seeing her planing, and switch the wind 90 degree to the NW. She ended swimming in, dragging her gear behind her, tail between her long legs.

Just then HUGE Ken with his big Hummer and even bigger appendage, I mean trailer, drove by and mentioned it was blowing in Belleville. Needless to say, Barbie at the 'blowing' word got all exited and drove in her suit, all wet, to Belleville.

There the sailing was almost overpowering on 5.8 with lull where even with her feather weight, she could not plane. Went back and forth with rINR for a while, launching from a empty house site.

Drove home, happy to be out mid November on a beautiful sunny day.

Barbie was warm the whole time with her new and perfect set up: NP 6/5 zealot, 2mm rash guard, Dakine mitts, and new 6mm NP 5000 boots.

The Day at a Glance


  NW 10-20 5




  various/Naish 5.8


  3 hrs.

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