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Pleasure Bay Pleasure Bay

Saw the forecast for strong WSW winds and decently warm temperatures (8oC) so sent out a call for sailors to head out. A bunch of people were interested with ideas being thrown around.

Morning of the wind was nuking so the gang chose Pleasure Bay. Buildings/ trees upwind of this small man-made lake a guaranteed gust-fest but at least the water would be dead flat and protected.

Scot showed up first and had rigged a 4.7 on his Quad. Went out and he was planing right away, with the occasional point where he was schlogging. I opted to rig up my 4.5 with alot of downhaul. Scot came back in and gave a report:

It's scarier than Hurricane Irene out there....

On a lull, I went for a single reach. Planed out moderately comfortably then was hit with a gust. Tried to gybe but couldn't oversheet to depower, and got thrown in the water trying to power through (failed first gybe of the season). The water was cold but thankfully I waterstarted up and went back to shower. One the way back a gust hit and I pinched up until I was backwinded ... not fun. Waterstarted up again and planed sheeted out back to shore.

So that was my first ride... all said and told about 3 minutes on the water and at 100m sailed (stayed super close to shore).

Fast forward 2h of standing on shore watching the wind go from 20-50 (see the sensor notes from noon until ~3pm). Gary had a solid session on a 4.0 as he was marginally planing I went back out. Managed 3 gybes back to back on decent sized reaches. Rested, and managed another overpowered gybe. Redemption... I'll call that victory and a decent first session.

4h at the beach, 10 minutes on the water. Still feels good to talk windsurfing on the beach, rig up a sail and feel a board carving under your feet.

Weather Conditions

Water temperature as noted by NDDBC Station BHBM3 - 8443970 :

4 oC

5/3 + thermal + hood + mitts + 3mm booties = not quite enough rubber considering the likelihood of being in the water

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