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My Turn

Lake Erie LB Conservation

I was the sacrifice on friday....I left so it would blow :-)

When I got to the beach today it was solid SW 18 encouraged

I rigged a 5.0 and 100 soon as I got to the water it

died! Dead! Still needing a wind fix I rigged a 6.5 and 151 board by

reach #5 I couldn't hang on anymore and came in and got the former

rig and even that was way too much! Just told myself to hang

glad I did because 45 minutes in the wind shut off like a tap!

Great to sail with the gang again and so glad the wind picked back up after I left :-)

The water is super toasty! The steamer was too much :-)

Weather Conditions

chop, small waves

The Day at a Glance


   18-27 23




  151, 100/6.5, 5.0


  1 hrs.

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