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Drag racing at Lopez

Lake Lopez Lake Lopez Recreation Area

The day started off a little windier than Saturday. I went out with an 8.5 and the Techno E and tried to get going. Could sorta pump onto a plane but still wasn't enough to really get going.

Went back and switched boards to an old beat up Go! Oh my GOD What a difference. The footstraps were set up for a beginner (super inboard) so I had to push against the side of the rail, but the board got planing SO FAST and picked up ALOT of speed. It was WILD! I HAVE to get one for myself one of these days!

Gybing was actually harder because the board really really didn't want to turn.. I had to bite the rail in hard and hold it there with brute force.

The bulk of the day was spent with me on a Techno E and a 7.2. Compared to the 8.5 hot sails, the 7.2 felt like NOTHING. Spent the day drag racing with Yigit (he was using the 8.5) and racing across the lake.

Tried a body drag or two, tried a duck gybe.

Yigit finally got his gybes. The highlight was when the two fo us were charging back to shore, him ahead of me. He went for a gybe, and I followed suit.... sychronized gybing amongts friends... then back to chasing him across the lake!


+ 90% of my turns were gybes and nearly all of them were complete!

+ planed all the way through a gybe, but lost it when I bobbled the sail flip

+ learnt how to "close the gap" for some wicked speed!

+ floated a chop hop

Weather Conditions

A bit windier than the day before. The happy hour winds didn't come through like Saturday though.

The Day at a Glance


  W 5-15 kts 26 ÂșC




  Starboard Go, Bic Techno E 135L/8.5 Hot Sails Maui (2-cam), 7.2 NP Spirit


  3 hrs. 20 min.

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