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Day 4 - Nice change of scenery

Pacific Kanaha

Scott said you can't sail Sprecks the whole time you're here, so I loaded up the car and left my comfy compound for Kanaha Beach Park (only a 10 minute drive away...), and glad I did. Sailed on 5.2 for 2.5 hours; sailed up to Upper Kanaha for some nice little-medium sized waves that were rolling through; sailed into the triangle a few times to be met with a wall of water coming from a different direction than the usual wind/swell - doesn't leave much choice but to go for it. Kanaha is a great windsurfing park. I was afraid it'd be a bit of a zoo with all the people, but the kiters have their spot downwind, and there's tonnes of room for everyone - even the Hawaiian canoe racers paddling right up the beach. Sailed with Scott & Steve again, along with Wayne on his kite.

took yesterday off to go see Pearl Harbour

Weather Conditions

gusty; then filled in nice at 5pm again

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NE 20-28




  Kode 86l/Ezzy wave tiger 5.2


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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