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Lesson day!

East Bay Alameda - Crown Beach

Went out to Alamdea with Jenn and her labmate Beth.

Showed Beth the ropes in a windsurf board and she managed to get a couple of reaches in! Sweet!

Did a bunch of light-wind tricker. I think the 2 summers of light-wind trickery on the 96L improved my overall skills when I went back to the bigger stuff.

Also tried sailing a starboard SUPer which was pretty fun (great glide, but the centerboard really helped it get backupwind)

Weather Conditions

Flat and light-ish (6-7mph) which built up to 14-15 mph with the occaisional shin+ high chop.

The Day at a Glance


  W 6-15 20




  180L Fanatic Viper/5.0 Superfreak


  1 hrs.

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