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Sunny! And windy enough..

Lake O. MCP Gazebo

Sunny day... some wind in the forecast, so drove to the launch "just in case"... cross-shore conditions, small white caps not too far away... launched on the Rocket and had a good hour of flat water blasting in very steady W winds. Great board, still learning the ropes with it.

Wind gradually died, so spent some time on the beach chatting with 2 Local Regulars + a Dog... meanwhile wind changed more to the N/W, so I put the Rocket away, pulled out the old BIC daggerboard barge and launched again into offshore... at least I can come back on this one (I think). There was no need for heroics, wind kept alive for another hour or so, just became gustier... still good.

It this was my last sailing session of 2013, it was a VERY warm one!

Weather Conditions

____FLAT____ , sunny, warm,water felt still OK

The Day at a Glance


  W 10-15 15




  Tabou Rocket 135/Bic OD/8.5 Simmer


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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