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Be careful what you wish for........

Lake Oh Oh.. MCP

KC5555 swung by to rave about the conditions - didn't take much to convince this session-starved sailor to pack da car and jump into much, much neoprene and head out into beauty 18ish SE knots. After enduring KC's negative shore vibes...... proceeded to get immediately dunked in the frosty shorebreak. Oh well... at least I warmed up so wasn't scared to get wet. Which was good - cause I did. On my first tack I got catapulted while hooked into the 8.5 V8. Haven't had that pleasure in about 5 years - a refreshing, humbling experience! F' kinnel !

Was motivated to get out and sail on many fronts today:

1: KC5555 said I was mental to go - soooo had to prove him wrong ( it was well worth it mate !)

2: Sunny, breezy conditions in late November - gotta go! No?

3: Smashing new girlfriend on beach to impress - what the F (!) was I thinkin'? :)

4: Celebrating the reinstatement of our beloved sport to the Olympic Games - Yeah I care! Happy that ISAF saw sense and NP got schooled......'be careful what you wish for Neil. Kite racing ? wha? really ?

Speaking of wishing for a great sailing session... and sure it was awesome BUT......... I somehow managed to snap my 6 month old, $3000 Carbon Raceboard almost in two pieces today. Multiple fractures under the mastrack entire width of the hull. Catastrophic failure. Wasn't that cold, wasn't that bumpy, maybe Tiesda laid this one up on a Monday morning? Still had an awesome afternoon tho'

Better be careful what you wish for................

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