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Snake Bitten

Georgian Bay Wasaga Beach 1

Once again this fall having to read posts from others down south with envy. Snake bitten up on Georgian Bay once again. Arrived to 4.0/4.5 conditions. Rigged 4.5 and hoped not to get blown off the water. One run and then the wind died turning the session into a slog fest. After stubbornly trying to make it work for half an hour walked up the beach rigged 5.0 and tried again. One good run and then a second slog fest. Bobbing in the cold water unable to even water start about a km off the shore realized the season was done. Finally managed to get back to the beach faced with another 15min walk of shame. I am done!! Wind was SW, port tack straight off the beach. Waves were fantastic and would have been epic if only the wind co-operated. Done with any forecast with a South in it....Sounds like Erie was massive!!

Weather Conditions

Port tack, big waves, diminishing wings.

The Day at a Glance


  SW 16-28 8




  92 / 82 JP Quad/4.5 / 5.0 NP Atlas


  1 hrs. 20 min.

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