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Short but sweet (not that sweet actually)

Lake Ontario Mac's Point

Having missed yesterday (work/family) when a few were out (Ilan and friend from Mtl and local Joe) Decided I needed to go and test my partially recovered torn muscle. Good direction in the morning with WNW at about 20 knots. Drove down in my suit and boots (sorry for making fun of you Joe). By the time I was there, it was more NW so a solid shadow in close. The waves were small but peeling perfectly with plumes being blown off backwards with side-off sweetness. Had to go big board to get out even thuogh the water is scary low and you can walk out a long way. Wind was good at Upper Mac's but waves were better below - slow peelers all the way to the beach really. Overpowered outside and underpowered inside but caught two really good multi-turn waves that gave me that exilerating feeling again. Went from infront of the car to the first grassy point before the beach - a long way. Big board lets you wait at the top of the wave until there is a good downwind peak to charge at. Think I had some good, wieight forward turns but without witnesses I can't be sure. Felt good just to get out again. Bottom turns hurt like hell so I had to stop after 4-5 runs. Sunny and not too bad although I did need the mitts out of the water. Cold face going out. Good to know that if it's sunny, it is sailable in this weather. I'm hoping for a session or two left - we'll see. Wore the suit home and took it off in a hot shower - toasty.

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