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Split Decision

Boundary Bay White Rock (Semiahmoo Indian Reserve)

The forecast was for the wind to kick in at about 11 am, so there was no hurry to get to the beach. The question was, “Where to go?” With south wind forecast with a shift to SW favoured White Rock (side-on to onshore) over Centennial (side shore to puffy side-off). But I had a feeling that Centennial was going to be the place to be (SSE can be so sweet there creating ‘golden moments’ of big waves, steep ramps, and clean wind), as I was headed to the beach. A couple times I turned to head for White Rock, kept returning to Centennial.

But when I first got to Centennial around 11:30, I was spooked by what I saw. That's when I second guessed myself. The wind had tanked, shifted south already and there were big pockets of clear blue sky (three strikes). Not good at all, especially given the forecast. My 'guess' was it was going/gone too far south to be a 'golden' moment (big waves and clean wind) at Centennial. That combined with the early OSR's from White Rock took me to White Rock, even though the wind was coming back in like a wall just as I was leaving.

About 20 minutes later I arrived at White Rock (on the opposite side of Boundary Bay) to find close to SE side-onshore wind and playful little waves peeling along the beach highlighted in the gleaming SUN (that’s right the vaguely familiar yellow glowing sphere in the sky, not seen in weeks, was making a welcomed appearance)! Conditions here looked WAY better than at Centennial! Woo Hoo!

This is when I found a $20 bill hiding in the grass on the beach and thought, “This must be my lucky day!”

But this victory was short lived, as the next pocket of low pressure and rain advanced and backed to SSE at Centennial (perfect) and backed to SE at times at White Rock (creating confused wind and water).

As the afternoon wore on and I went in to grab bigger gear (100/5.2), I was thinking of all those at Centennial knowing they were likely getting the best the day had to offer. Glad to hear you scored a 'golden' moment at Centennial. Those will keep you coming back for a long time to come!

White Rock can be a bit of Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde spot turning from switching from kaos to perfect (and back again) during any given session, as the wind spins to change to whole set-up in the blink of an eye! Today we got more Dr. Jeckle and only glimpses of Mr. Hyde!

Still glad to be out on the water for more than three hours and I tried to make the most of what was presented!

Quotes of the day:

Me: “What size did you rig?”

Brad: “4.0”

Me: “4.0? Lubo’s on 5.6! Funny that - I was thinking 5.2, but we usually rig close to the same.”

Brad: “Well watch me and judge for yourself.”

Brad then stepped into the water, sheeted in, took off and hit three jumps in a row, one off each of the first three ramps he saw. Nice!

Me (to myself): “I’ll split the difference and go 4.5.”

Maryam (arriving to sail White Rock for the first time): “This place is beautiful! What a great day! Do I need gloves?”

Me: “No gloves today!”


Weather Conditions

Wind: 2 stars (out of five stars)

Lubo, Brad and Jordan likely got the cleanest wind/waves in the first hour at White Rock, then things got pretty confused (really gusty wind resulted in tomb stones to rag doll catapults (from the straps no less).

Water/Waves: 2 stars (out of five stars)

The water turned very confused, resulting from the combination of south wind swell and southeast wind chop. Grabbing backside rides early resulted in loss of all speed due to the extreme wind/wave angle.

Outside jibes were a challenge to say the least in steep tightly packed confused chop (think Celilo on a 4.0 day on the north side of the river and you’ll get the idea). What I settle in on was watch for the steepest approaching wave from windward you could see then aim to jibe on the wave behind it. By the time you were on the second wave, the second was steeper and first had diminished creating a larger bowl to jibe in.

Finally things settled in in the late afternoon (steadier wind and a workable wind/wave angle). This allowed more graceful backside wave rides, at times.

Jumps: 2 stars (out of five stars)

The confused water let you jump in both directions. Port was favoured (but felt more than a little foreign to me now) and given how tightly packed the faces were, I very rarely felt I had enough speed or time to set up with control. Starboard jumps could also be had too if you watched (or didn’t watch if you know what I mean) for the square pieces of wind chop to kick and double-up on the south wind swell resulting in fun little inbound small vertical kicks!

Stoke: 3 stars (out of five stars)

At one point I was thinking the only thing comfortable about today is the temperature! But despite the challenging conditions, most were all smiles in the warm wind and pleasant surroundings and ‘good company’ (as Maryam said).

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SE 18-30 9




  Goya Quad Custom 84 / RRD 110 (repeat)/4.5 / 5.2 (repeat)


  3 hrs.

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